Travel: Mendoza - Itineraries


  • Primera Zona: The First Zone

    Primera Zona ("The First Zone") is the name given to the area where European immigrants first established their wineries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Back then, "first" also stood for the best quality. Some of the oldest names in Argentine wine have their wineries in Maipu.

    Maipu is closest to Mendoza City, and because of that it is losing much of its vineyard land to urbanization. Fortunately, most of the construction involves low-rise Mission-style and brick houses lined by abundant old trees, so the area still has a countryside feel.

  • Maipú Wineries

    La Rural
    Familia Zuccardi
    Bodega Lopez
    Pascual Toso
    Finca Flichman
    Altos Las Hormigas