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La Bourgogne (Vistalba)

  • Surrounded by mountains and vineyards, La Bourgogne in Vistalba, while keeping its typical french character, has a more regional style, and the value of products such as olive oil, grapes and wines is emphasized.  It maintains its usual refinement of decoration, service and quality. The menu is renewed every season, in order to include products at their best degree of quality. The chef Federico Ziegler, with Jean Paul Bondoux and a team of trained cooks, propose a conception of evolutionary cuisine wich aims at preserving the flavors of our region raw materials, among these, our meat for export and fresh fish stand out, depending on the market, some foreign products have also been introduced, such as venezuelan chocolate. The Restaurant opened at the beginning of 2005, and in the same year it obtained an award for best kitchen 2005 and for best winery restaurant among the eight wine capitals of the world.